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Book Name Author Category Year Available
Small Business Solutions Robert D. Hisrich, Michael P. Peters, Dean A. Shepherd Management YES
The culture and marketing of tea G.R. Harler Other YES
Modern Workshop Technology H. Wright Baker Manufacturing processes YES
Axial Flow Fans R.A. Wallis Other YES
Alternating Current Electrical Engineering Philip Kemp Basic Sciences YES
Machine Design Rer. R.K. Jain Engineering Designs YES
Automatic Control Theory A.A. Voronov Manufacturing technology & automation YES
Regulations for the Electrical Equipment of Buildings The Institution of Electrical Engineers Other YES
Learning by Experiments CMOS Integrated Circuits M.C. Sharma Manufacturing technology & automation YES
Express Learning Dr. Priyanga de Soysa IT/Computing YES
Electro chemical mashining of metals MIR Publisher Moscow Manufacturing processes YES
Learn c in three days Sam A. Abolrous IT/Computing YES
Computer Oriented Numerical Methods V. Rajaraman IT/Computing YES
Power Control circuits manual R.M. marston Manufacturing technology & automation YES
Microprocessor Interfacing Techniques Rodnay Zaks. Austin Lesea IT/Computing YES
51 Projects M.C. Sharma Other YES
Build Your Own Test Instruments M.C. Sharma Engineering Designs YES
Voltage stabilizers and Automatic cutouts M.C. Sharma Manufacturing technology & automation YES
Welding and cutting of Metals Victor kirillov Manufacturing processes YES
Laboratory work for courses in Manufacturing Engineering V. danilevsky Manufacturing processes YES
Numerical Control of machine tools and robots MIR Publisher Moscow Manufacturing technology & automation YES
Ulaiss weisg,ska jdhq mEiaiSu ksu,;siai nKavdr Other YES
Practical Timer Projects Editorial board of Electronics Hobbyist Other YES
Practical Electronic projects BPB Publication Engineering Designs YES
Practical Eletronic devices BPB Publication Manufacturing technology & automation YES
Electrical and mechanical Engineering P.L. Ballaney, Dr. S.L. Uppal, B.D. Indu Basic Sciences YES
Basic Engineering thermodynamics in SI Units Rayner Joel Basic Sciences YES
Rino (For Mechanical soluations) Rino Industries Ltd Engineering Designs YES
HPC Drivers HPC Drivers Ltd Other YES
Phenomenological Research methods Clark Moustakas Other YES
Workshop technology W.A.J. Chapman Manufacturing processes YES
Mechanical Engineering handbook T.R. banga, T. manghnani Basic Sciences YES
Introduction to physical metallurgy Sidney h. Avner Basic Sciences YES
Materials and Process George F. Titterton Manufacturing processes YES
System Simulation with digital computer narasingh Deo IT/Computing YES
Sintered metal Carbides MIR Publisher Basic Sciences YES
Reilays and Their Applications M. C. sharma IT/Computing YES
103 projects using L.E.Ds. BPB Publication Engineering Designs YES
Auto CAD Manual Engineering Designs YES
Foundary and Pattern shop Practice Otis Benedict, JR. Manufacturing processes YES
Drilling Data Handbook Institute Francais Manufacturing processes YES
Introduction to Foundary technology D.C. Ekey, W.P. Winter Manufacturing processes YES
Design manufacture and Utilizetion of dies and Jigs in Developing Countries United nation Manufacturing processes YES
Foundamentals of metal machining G. Boothroyd Manufacturing processes YES
Machine Design R.S. Khurmi, J.K. Gupta Engineering Designs YES
Operations Systems William Stallings Engineering sciences - Industrial Engineering YES
Resonant Leader Annie Mckee, Richard Boyatzis, Frances johnston Management YES
Parallel Digital Implementations of Neural networks K. Wojtek, Viktor K. Prasanna IT/Computing YES
Marketing Engineering gary l. Lilien, Arvind Rangaswamy, Arnaud De bruyn Management YES
A 21st Century Energy Course for Sri lanka Vythilingam Tharumaratnam Other YES
Chargers and Emergency lights M.C. Sharma Basic Sciences YES
Automatic process Control Donald P. Eckman Manufacturing technology & automation YES
Fuzzy Control D. Driankov, H. hellendoorn, M. Reinfrank Manufacturing technology & automation YES
Digital Electronics and microprocessors R.P. jain Manufacturing technology & automation YES
Power Public relations John Tarrant Other YES
Industrialization and the Small firm Donald R. snodgrass and Tyler Biggs Management YES
Linear Control Systems Charles E. Rohrs, james L. Melsa, Donald G. Schultz Manufacturing technology & automation YES
A Cpomprehensive guide to AI and Expert systems Robert I. Levine, Diane E. Drang, Barry Edelson IT/Computing YES
Practical Geometry and Engineering Graphics W. Abbott Engineering Designs YES
Machine Design D. N. Reshetov Engineering Designs YES
machine Tool design N. Acherkan Engineering Designs YES
Power Electronics M. D. Singh, K.B. Khanchandani Basic Sciences YES
Design Operational Amplifiers and Analog Intergrated Circuits Sergio Franco Basic Sciences YES
Modern Digital Electronics R.P. Jain Basic Sciences YES
Transistor Thyristor SMD Code Diode IC Linear Digital Analog BPB Publication Basic Sciences YES
Alumni Today School of Global Management Humanities/Social Sci., Ethics YES
Multi media Tay Vaughan Other YES
Mind over media Mark von Wodtke Other YES
Computer Interfacing Connect to the Real World Martin Chipps IT/Computing YES
Microstructure Modelling of Additive manufacturing of Alloy 718 Chamara Sandun Sarath Kumara Manufacturing technology & automation YES
Microprocessor Interface design J.D. Nicoud Manufacturing technology & automation YES
Fuzzy Systems and knowledge Discovery J.G. Carbonell and J. Siekmann Mathematics YES
Advanced Graphics on VGA and XGA cards using Boaland C++ Ian O. Angell, Dimitrios Tsoubelis IT/Computing YES
Programming languages Terrence W. pratt IT/Computing YES
Experimental Methods for Engineers Jack P. Holman, John R. Lioyd Engineering sciences - Industrial Engineering YES
Strategic Management and Business Policy Wheelen. Hunger Management YES
Office 2000 Gini Counter, Annette Marquis IT/Computing YES
Low-Cost Smart Sensor Interfacing Frank van der Goes Manufacturing technology & automation YES
Complete Guide to Semiconductor Devices Kwok K. Ng Engineering Designs YES
Robust Engineering Genichi Taguchi, Subir Chowdhury, Shin Taguchi Engineering sciences - Industrial Engineering YES
Stochastic Processes J. Medhi Mathematics 1994 YES
Fibre Channel Alan F. Benner IT/Computing 1996 YES
System Dynamics A Unified Approach Deann C, Karnopp, Donald L. Margolis, Ronald C. Rosenberg Mathematics 1990 YES
Analysis and Design of Electronic Circuits Using PC s John R. Greenbaum, Les Besser, brian Biehl, Bruce D. Pollard, Robert Osann Basic Sciences 1998 YES
Operations Research/ Management Science George K. Chacko Engineering sciences - Industrial Engineering 1993 YES
386 Matlab School of Applied Science Nanyang Technological University IT/Computing 1990 YES
UTP Welding Guide Time Engineering (S) PTE.LTD Manufacturing technology & automation YES
Videocassette Recorders Eugene trundle Other 1984 YES
International Money and Finance Michael Melvin Management 2004 YES
Pro/Engineer Wildfire Prof. Sham Tickoo Engineering sciences - Industrial Engineering 2005 YES
Autodesk Inventor 9 An Introduction Ron K.C. Cheng Engineering Designs 2004 YES
Autodesk Inventor 9 Essentials Plus Daniel T. banach, Travis Jones, Alan J. Kalameja Engineering Designs 2005 YES
Perspective on Human Communication Billie J. Wahlstrom Basic Sciences 1992 YES
Introduction to Human Communication James W. Gibson, Mechael S. Hanna Basic Sciences 1992 YES
Assumptions About Human Nature Lawrence S. Wrightsman Basic Sciences 1992 YES
Basic Refrigeration and Air Conditioning P.N. Ananthanarayan Other 1982 YES
TMS320C24x DSP Controllers Reference Set Manufacturing technology & automation 1997 YES
Electronic Materials and Processes handbook Charles A. Harper, Ronald M. Sampson Basic Sciences 1994 YES
Embedde Control handBook Microchip Company IT/Computing YES
Programming the M68HC12 family Gordon Doughman Manufacturing technology & automation 2000 YES
Internet (Yellow Pages) Harley hahn, rick Stout IT/Computing 1995 YES
Interfacting Sensors to the IBM PC Willis J.Tompkins, John G. Webster Manufacturing technology & automation 1988 YES
Oracle 9i Development Dan Hotka IT/Computing 2002 YES
Introduction to Digital Signal Processing Roman Kuc Manufacturing technology & automation 1988 YES
High - Speed Digital Design Howard Johnson, martin Graham Manufacturing technology & automation 1993 YES
Taguchi Methods Explained Tapan P. Bagchi Mathematics 1993 YES
Mechatronics System design devdas Shetty, Richard A. Kolk Manufacturing technology & automation 1997 YES
HCMOS Single - Chip Microcontroller Motorola Company Manufacturing technology & automation YES
Motorola Biplar Power Transistor data Motorola Company Manufacturing technology & automation 1992 YES
Application in Electro-Optics Leo Setian Manufacturing technology & automation 2002 YES
Electronics Devices and Circuits Theodore F. Bogart Manufacturing technology & automation 1994 YES
Fuzzy Logic with Engineering Applications Timothy J. Ross Mathematics 1995 YES
C# Programming Robinson, Allen, Cornes, Glynn, Greenvoss, Harvey, Nagel, Skinner, Watson IT/Computing 2002 YES
Neural Networks Simon haykin Mathematics 1999 YES
Pericom Semiconductor Corporation Pericom Semiconductor Corporation Manufacturing technology & automation 1998 YES
Computer Architecture Kai Hwang IT/Computing 1993 YES
Complex Adaptive Leadership Nick Obolensky Management 2014 YES
Database Management and Design Gary W. Hansen, James V. Hansen IT/Computing 1996 YES
Software and Hardware Engineering Fredrick M. Cady, James M. Sibigtrot IT/Computing YES
Zener Diodes and Their Applications T.R. Mishra Manufacturing technology & automation 1988 YES
Law and Business Lawrence S. Clark, Peter D. Kinder Management 1991 YES
Principles of Signal and Systems Fred J. Taylor Manufacturing technology & automation 1994 YES
Semiconductor Optoelectronics Jasprit Singh Manufacturing technology & automation 1995 YES
Embedded Microcontrollers Todd D. Morton Manufacturing technology & automation 2001 YES
Linear Circuits DataBook Texas Instruments Incorporated Manufacturing technology & automation 1992 YES
IBM PC and Clones B. Govindarajalu Manufacturing technology & automation 1991 YES
Analog Electronic Circuits Lakmi Jain, Suresh Hungenahally, Alan Bolton Manufacturing technology & automation 1993 YES
CMOS Logic Motorola Company Manufacturing technology & automation 1991 YES
Beginning Visual Basic 6 Database Programming John Connell IT/Computing 1998 YES
Microcomputer Troubleshooting James Perozzo Manufacturing technology & automation 1986 YES
Techniques of Prolog Programming T. Van Le IT/Computing 1993 YES
Mahalanobis-taguchi Genichi taguchi, Subir Chowdhust, Yuib Wu Management 2001 YES
Complexity Leadership Mary UHL-Bien, Russ Marion Management 2008 YES
Essentials of Negotiation Roy J. Lewicki, Bruce Barry, David M. Saunnders Management 2007 YES
C for Dummies Dan Gookin IT/Computing 1997 YES
Mastering Visual basic 6.0 Evangelos petroutsos IT/Computing 1998 YES
IBM PC Assembly Language and Programming Peter Abel IT/Computing 1991 YES
CAD/CAM Computer-Aided Design and Manufacturing Mikell P Groover, Emory W. Zimmers, Jr. Engineering Designs 1990 YES
Microprocessors K.C. Shet, K.M. Hebbar Manufacturing technology & automation 1981 YES
Foundamentals of Database Systems Elmasri, Navathee IT/Computing 2000 YES
Programming with C Byron S. Gottfried IT/Computing 1990 YES
Introduction to Computer Numerical Control (CNC) James V. Valentino Engineering Designs 2003 YES
Machining and CNC Technology Michael Fitzpatrick Engineering Designs YES
Process Improvement Through Six Sigma Approach in A sri lanka Gas Industry (Thesis) Chathura jagadeesh Manamperi (PG Student) Other 2019 YES
Analysis on Mobile Money Innovation and Adaptation in sri lanka. (Thesis) Rohitha Manokantha Thanthilage Other 2019 YES
Improvement to Electricity Effciency in a Dairy factory. (Thesis) W.G. Samantha Kumara Ganethige Other 2011 YES
Sensors Vision Systems and Measuring Instruments. Farnel Manufacturing technology & automation 2000 YES
Mechanical, Tools, Safety and office Keyence Company Manufacturing processes 2002 YES
Fuzzy Logic, Soft Computing and Computational Intelligence Yingmig Liu, Guoqing Chen, Mingsheng Ying Mathematics 2005 YES
Induatrial Motor Control Foundamentals Mclntyre, Losee Manufacturing technology & automation 1990 YES
Optoelectronics: Fiber Optics and Lasers. Morris Tischler Manufacturing technology & automation 1992 YES
AutoCAD SQL Extension Reference Manual Auto Desk Engineering Designs 1992 YES
AutoCAD Customization Manual Auto Desk Engineering Designs 1992 YES
AutoCAD Extras Manual Auto Desk Engineering Designs 1992 YES
Engineering Design with SolidWorks 2005 David C. Plancgard, Marie P. Planchard Engineering Designs 2005 YES
Autodesk Inventor r8 Foundamentals: Conquering the Rubicon Elise Moss Engineering Designs 2003 YES
Using AutoCAD 2002 Ralph Grabowski Engineering Designs 2005 YES
Entrepreneurship Robert D. Hisrich, Michael P. Peters, Dean A. Shepherd Management 2008 YES
Programming Languages Herbert L. Dershem IT/Computing 1990 YES
Developing Strategic Capabilities Prof. Todd saxton Management 2009 YES
Managing in a Team-Based Organization Prof. carolyn M. Wiethoff Management 2001 YES
Strategic marketing management Prof. Tom Hustad Management 2003 YES
GM 4319: Global Operations management (Unknown) Management 2008 YES
Information Technlogy for managers Prof. Ramesh Venkataraman Management 2008 YES
Operations Managements Prof. Bandara B. Flynn Management 2008 YES
Paramettric Modeling with Pro/Engineer Wildfore 2.0 Randy H. Shih Engineering Designs 2004 YES
Law for Business A. james Barnes, Terry MoreheadDworkin Eric L. Richards Management 1994 YES
The Social Experience James W. Vander Zandern Management YES
Business Ethics John E. Richardson Management 1995 YES
Database Management Using dBase IV and SQL Robert Grauer, Maryann Barber IT/Computing 1992 YES
Data Analysis and Decision Making Albright, Winston, Zappe Mathematics 2006 YES
Artificial Intelligence Rich Knight Mathematics 1991 YES
Artificial Intelligence Rich Knight Mathematics 1991 YES
Automatic Control Engineering Francis H. Raven Manufacturing technology & automation 1995 YES
Automatic Control Engineering Francis H. Raven Manufacturing technology & automation 1995 YES