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IoT based workshop series was held on 18th, 25th and 28th, June 2019. The main targeted crowd of the workshop was the new comers to the department and the main intension of the workshop series was to familiarize the new comers with the concept of industry 4.0. Empowering with the technical knowledge which is essential for their future carrier was another intended outcome of this programme.

Talk Series:

Talk 1
One of many workshops organized by Manufacturing and Industrial Engineering Association was held on 16th, August 2019 at Faculty of Engineering, University of Peradeniya. Speaker of the session was Dr. Damith Herath, Associate Professor Human-Centred Technology Research Centre, University of Canberra, Australia. The title of the session was “Should Robots be Social?”
Talk 2
Talk 3


On 29th, June 2019 the IoT based competition was held targeting the newcomers. Integration of pneumatic systems with the IoT based environment was the basic task given to the competitors. The teams were guided through the initial stages by the senior students and the resource person. But the second stage was planned to recognize the creativity and the Arduino programming ability of the competitors.

MEA Workplan for 2019

Workshops and training programmes

  • IoT based workshop series for the new comers of the manufacturing and industrial engineering department.
  • Advanced IoT programming and application developing workshop.
  • Finite element analysing workshop series.
  • Programming basics workshop series.
  • Solidworks workshop series.
  • IoT workshop for the first years.
  • PLC workshop.
  • Outbound training camp for final years.
  • Competitions

  • IoT based task completing competition for second years.
  • Industrial project competition based on IoT for second years.
  • Final year project presentation competition.
  • Solid works design competition
  • Inter university competition (based on industry 4.0)
  • Outbound training camp for final years.
  • Special events

  • MEA annual cricket match.
  • Welcome ceremony for the new comers.
  • Pirith ceremony and almsgiving programme.
  • Under graduate project symposium.
  • Annual get together/MEA day
  • Fund raising

  • Pen programme
  • T-shirt programme
  • Industrial sponsorships
  • Film festival