Image  Department of Manufacturing & Industrial Engineering
 University of Peradeniya

Dr. R. A. Ekanayake

Senior Lecturer


Office Address:

Department of Manufacturing and Industrial Engineering,
Faculty of Engineering,
University of Peradeniya,
Sri Lanka.


Telephone: 081-2393653

Dr.(Mrs) R.A.Ekanayake is attached to the Department of Manufacturing and Industrial Engineering, University of Peradeniya. She graduated in year 2002 from the same university, specializing in the field of Production Engineering. After completion of the BSc Engineering degree, she joined the Department of Manufacturing and Industrial Engineering of the university as a temporary instructor and was appointed as a temporary lecturer in the department. In October 2003 she got the permanent position in the department as a lecturer (probationary). In year 2004, she was awarded the presidential scholarship from the government to continue for postgraduate studies. She completed her PhD in year 2010 in the area of Manufacturing Engineering at the University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia. After the overseas studies, she continued her service at the Department of Manufacturing and Industrial Engineering and was promoted as a Senior lecturer Grade II. At present she is serving the department in the capacity of a senior lecturer grade II, teaching the areas in manufacturing technology and Production planning & control. Her research interests include, high-speed milling, modelling and analysis of machining operations.

PhD:UNSW, Australia

BSc Eng (University of Peradeniya)

Analytical Modeling of Milling Operation

High Speed Milling

Ekanayake, R.A. & Mathew, P., 2007, ‘An Experimental Investigation of High Speed End Milling’, Proceedings of the fifth Australian Congress on Applied Mechanics 10-12 December 2007, Brisbane, Australia, Vol.2, pp.696-702.

Ekanayake, R.A. & Mathew, P., 2008, ‘Force predictions for tooling speed limits in End Milling using a variable flow stress machining theory’, Transactions of NAMRI/SME, Vol.36, pp.429-436.