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 University of Peradeniya

Undergraduate Research Projects

"Optimizes the Outbound Logistics Operations of a Beverage Distribution System"

Name of the student: Ms. S. Jegtheesan, Mr. H.A.P. Hettiarachchi

Name of the Supervisor: Ms. Subodha Dharmapriya

Aim: Optimizing the outbound logistics operations of a beverage distribution system.


  • Apply scientific scheduling method
  • Develop different scenarios and compare the results.
  • Changing the different searching methods and compare the robustness of results
  • Reducing total cost by, o Reduce total distance, o Reducing number of vehicles in the fleet, o Reducing labor

Industry: Food & bewarages

"Optimized Tour Plan for Coustomized Tourists Needs"

Name of the student: Mr. S.A.R.K Samarathunga, Mr. T.P.R.P.K. Dayawansha

Name of the Supervisor: Ms. Subodha Dharmapriya

Aim: Develop a decision support system for tour planning.


  • Develop alternative algorithms to generate an optimized tour plan for the provided data of their needs from a tourist.
  • Include real world GPS location data to generate tourplans with the help of google maps API.
  • Use the real world distance data and transportation cost to generate a tourplan.
  • Include Accommodation recommendations to the developed algorithm.
  • Develop a web application with a user friendly interface that will work as a decision support system for tour plan generating.

Industry: Tourism

"Vision and Sensor network based Autonomus Surveillance system for indoor and outdoor security"

Name of the student: Mr. J.A. Dedduwakumara, Mr. K.P. Tharaka

Name of the Supervisor: Dr. Asela Kulatunga

Aim: Introduce object detectable and human face recognition video surveillance system which is operated autonomously along with a sensor network with IoT to identify other motions and conditions for the industry, domestic, or any facility.


  • Inegrate different Surveillance systems to operate under single platform
  • Test the robustness for outdoor applications

Industry: Manufacturing/processing and agriculture & material handling terminals

"A study in Sri Lankan Manufacturing Industries on production planning and ramp-up management with human learning "

Name of the student: Mr. B.D.R.N. Priyalal

Name of the Supervisor: Ms. Thilini Ranasinghe

Aim: investigate best practices and opportunities for improvements in the industry in terms of the production ramp-up.


  • Collect information on practices used for accurate production planning and efficient production ramp-up management in local manufacturing industries with learning
  • Analyze, compare and identify best practices and opportunities of improvement and need more research

Industry: Different manufacturing industries with learning (human workers)

"IoT based real time process monitoring of apparel industry"

Name of the student: Mr. W.A.H. Eshan, Mr. K.J.P.T.U. De Vass

Name of the Supervisor: Mr. Malan Jayawickrama

Aim: Design and Development of real time process visualization system for the fabric cutting process of apparel industry.


  • Development of process map for the fabric cutting process.
  • Identify the performance indices of fabric cutting process and a suitable data collecting mechanism.
  • Design and development of the database.
  • Development of mobile application for the process visualization.
  • Test and apply the applications to the real time process of Hela Clothing sector.
  • Current rate comparison of the production line.
  • Develop the application into Decision making level of the Sector.

Industry: Hela Clothing, Mawathagama

"Optimizing End Milling Operation Using Simulations for Aluminum"

Name of the student: ---

Name of the Supervisor: Dr. Risheeka Ekanayake

Aim: Find the optimum cutting parameters in end milling of Aluminum


  • Literature review on 3D Finite Element simulation during end milling of Aluminum and identification suitable optimization technique
  • 3D Finite Element modeling and analysis of simulation data to find optimum cutting parameters during end milling operation of Aluminum.

"Enhancement of quality of a Brass product using simulations for permanent mould casting"

Name of the student: Ms. R.M.P.M. Ranathunga, Ms. K.A.H.G. Thilakarathna

Name of the Supervisor: Dr. Risheeka Ekanayake

Aim: To improve the permanent mold for casting defect free brass oil lamps.


  • To design a suitable heating mechanism.
  • To incorporate the identified mechanism to the mold of the oil lamp.
  • To design an experiment and data collection.
  • To do experimental data analysis to verify optimum parameters

Industry: Brass Inudustry

"Design and Validation of a Autonomous Off-Road Mobile Robot for Enviorenmental Data Acquisition"

Name of the student: Mr. B.K.P.L. Maduranga, Mr. W.W.G.A. Jayawikum

Name of the Supervisor: Dr. Dinesh Kodituwakku

Aim: To acquire humidity, temperature along the pre-defined path of mobile robot.


  • Use the Disturbance Observer Method to further increase the robustness of the robot control system
  • Detect humidity and temperature along the path of the robot.
  • Improving the robot navigation for several destinations.
  • Design an Electrical Differential for the robot

"Design and develop a DOB based experimental two-wheeled Segway setup "

Name of the student: Ms. P.S. Manoharan, Mr. R.A.R. Prabhakara

Name of the Supervisor: Dr. Dinesh Kodituwakku

Aim: Extend the previously carried out project findings of IP control using PID based DOB control on an unstable two-wheeled Segway setup and to attain equilibrium & stability of the Segway in the upright position.


  • Increase the stability and robustness of the IP control through using fine-tuning methods of PID parameters and extend the findings to build an experimental two-wheeled Segway setup
  • Application of PID based DOB control theory to Attain equilibrium of the Segway (self-balancing) in a planer straight-line orientation

"Developing a smart blind stick for visually Impaired people "

Name of the student: Mr. D.E. Warnasooriya, Mr. K.W.S. Ajitha

Name of the Supervisor: Dr. Dinesh Kodituwakku

Aim: Develop a technologically advanced blind stick which can detect the obstacles in front, left, or right side in the way.


  • Improve Bluetooth navigation system
  • Identifying downwards staircase
  • Fine tune stick for better version
  • Enhancing battery life
  • Make 3D model for commercial appearance.

"Development of Waste Fabric (Polyurethane-PU) Based Composites for Practical Applications"

Name of the student: Mr. K.M.P.S. Karunarathne, Mr. H.S. Wijayarathna

Name of the Supervisor: Dr. Pramila Gamage

Aim: To develop a waste fabric based composite material for practical applications.


  • Design mold setup to make samples
  • Development of composite samples using mold
  • Testing of thermal conductivity
  • Study of thermal behavior of the developed samples using FEA

"Developing and Testing a Lean - Kaizen Conceptual Model - A case study at a Foundry Industry"

Name of the student: Ms. G.A.S.A.K. Gurusinghe, Mr. W.A.I. Udith

Name of the Supervisor: Dr. Pramila Gamage

Aim: To study the applicability of lean kaizen conceptual model.


  • Model Validation
  • Test the theoretical model using the data collected from the industry

Industry: Different catogories of manufacturing industries

"Real time process monitoring and visualization of an apparel sewing module"

Name of the student: Mr. I. U. Munasinghe

Name of the Supervisor: Mr. Malan Jayawickrama

Aim: Use real time performance evaluation data to improve manufacturing operations


  • Propose new insights into the manufacturing system by further analysis of acquired data from workstations
  • Propose a customized and effective data acquisition framework for different types of workstations and operations.

"Modeling, Simulation and Analysis of Cement Hydration Phenomina under Sri Lankan Rapid Rainforcement Concrete Environment "

Name of the student: Mr. G. Vaseeharan, Mr. G. Vithurshan

Name of the Supervisor: Dr. Achala Pallegedara

Aim: To simulate the concrete behavior at different temperatures.This approach helps to do modeling, simulation and analysis of cement hydration phenomena under Sri Lankan rapid reinforcement concrete environment.


  • Create and Simulate Basics Hydration Model for Sri Lankan Cement Type under Different Temperature Variations.
  • Validate the model using existing literature and Simulation Results.

"A study on how organizations approach to synergise Lean and Industry 4.0"

Name of the student: Mr. C.P. Kodippili, Mr. R.D. Karunanayake

Name of the Supervisor: Dr. Prasanna Illankoon

Aim: To review organizations’ approach to Lean Manufacturing and Industry 4.0 and formulate a synergized framework.


  • Review and assess the existing frameworks for I4.0 and LM.
  • Compare and contrast the relationships between the two selected frameworks.
  • Deduce and recommend a synergized framework for I4.0 and LM.

Industry: MAS Holdings, Sri Lanka

"Modeling and Simulation of Logistics and Supply Chain in Order to Increase the Efficiency"

Name of the student: Mr. M.M.S.Y. Wijebandara, Mr. A.G.S. Sampath

Name of the Supervisor: Dr. Asela Kulatunga

Aim: ---


  • Model the distribution network of the selected industry on a simulation platform
  • Compare analytical and simulation solutions